MBF Ltd 12030 - Jules de Pearl - Phantom

Jules de Pearl is back with a brand-new EP on MBF LTD.
Jules was an award winning drummer and played in a jazz band which provides him with exceptional technical ability which reflects in his abstract beats which are at the same time devilishly hooky. He has been working for the last 6 months on his follow up enriching his music and so we witness here the best of his music so far.
The opening track “Phantom” starts with a drumming that incorporates afro influences building up a hypnotic beat, then engulfs in a beautifully lush, warm and sensuous Latino feel. Bringing in a house feel with a lot of understatement which sweetness reminds us of an classic such as Derrick May’s “Sueno Latino”. This is a track made for the summer and comes just right to be played out at open airs!
If you think this an an exception, you’d be surprised that with “Drumming Chapel” Jules has seemingly effortlessly managed to extend the feeling of “Phantom”, writing an hypnotic Manuel Göttsching like melody pattern, expressing himself skilfully with self played “elevated” piano chords that rise to a complex melody. It holds moments of understated beauty and joy.
“Trip Points” marks Jules love for dub music which was also a part of his debut on MBF LTD. This 119 bpm deep goover floats and fascinates with muffled chords, voices send through endless chains of delays... its mighty beat could go on forever... a very cool track indeed.
  The first remix comes from French artist Julien Sandre who has released on Brise records before, he moves “Trip Point” more towards a slamming deeper house that works with no stunts but instead is totally at easy... departing towards a place where time and space is melted together.
David Pher have programmed a perfect loop and who knows what that means will acknowledge... there is little which can compete with that. Sexy seductive with masterfully chosen elements... a dead cool remix.
In his second remix David Pher has put an emphasis on an up-tempo side of things and so we are glad to have this remix in the package.
The video will come by Arthur Bauer.

Release date: 22nd June 2011

1. Phantom

2. Drumming Chapel

3. Trip Points

4. Trip Points
(Julien Sandre remix)

5. Phantom
(David Pher remix)

6. Phantom
(David Pher remix 2)

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