MBF Ltd 12031 - Beatamines - I Said

Pascal Eckardt aka Beatamines has already remixed Bukaddor & Fishbeck’s “Glaedys” on MBF and has created a following through his releases on a lot of smaller independent techno house labels such as Deich Records or Klang Gymnastik.
This is his solo debut on our deepest label MBF LTD.
With “I Said” Pascal pulls all the tricks, mixing deeper house with modern minimal beats  + vocals. “I Said” is a genre defying lesson in the art of the groove.
Effortless but at the same time working with devilishly hooky basslines, driving beats and uplifting chords, Beatamins shows he is a master of the German new school house. ”I Said” is an aural pleasure that scratches an itch and hits the spot so precisely, you can feel he knows exactly where we wants to take it.
For a remixer Bjoern Nafe was asked to remix “I Said”. Bjoern’s shows an amazing feel with his remix. His powerhouse production is by all means slamming and explains his success with “Lost In Frequency” which was supported by Lützenkirchen, Guy Weber, Paul Natzca etc.
The second remix comes by label mate Falk Bachert who has also recorded for Stil vor Talent. Not an easy task for him after two really good mixes.
He nevertheless takes on the task and surprises by creating a massive hymn!
Big hits such as Felix “Don't You Want Me” pop up in our mind for a second... and Falk shows he knows for sure how to insert a big portion of GLAM into the genre.!  
Bonus track by Beatamines ”Squeeze” is a rocking groove box interrupted by glitches and hi pitched sounds that install an euphoric silly playfulness on top of his very cool and tight beats. A rocker!

Release date: 29th July 2011

1. I Said
(Original mix)

2. I Said
(Bjoern Nafe remix)

3. I Said
(Falk Bachert remix)

4. Squeeze

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