MBF Ltd 12032 - Riley Reinhold - Mountaintop People

MBF LTD brings to you new material by Riley Reinhold. Riley is surely one of the busiest men in the world of electronic music, he is a music journalist, writer of music, producer and advisor behind so many projects on the labels Trapez, MBF, Traum and Telrae.
He is a travel some DJ, remixer, producer and founding member of all of the labels that are connected to the Traum family including the new label ZEBRA ZEBRA. So where does he find the time to make an EP of electronica so deep and airy? A simple answer is in his refuge in the countryside. In the relative quiet of the German countryside, he works in his garden and captures spirits for his music.
The „Mountaintop people“ EP consist out of 3 originals and one remix. The title track “Mountaintop people” is an melancholic but happy take in which Riley sings and plays haunting melodies and an retro piano.
Creating sensuality and a cinematic feeling that could be described as “speeded up fast moving clouds and sun beams locking in”. The track connects folk and singer songwriter feeling with moody techno.
„Needleleaf“ sounds much more techno at first but engulfs into a pool of sounds, abstract and deep, getting richer and richer by the minute. The track features half way through the track a wonderful distorted synth which comes out of nowhere and spreads itself on top of all over elements.
„Sun Paradox” is a 17 minute epic which Riley wrote in his bedroom and on which he sings in a lush tone.
Riley was aiming at a non beat track as he has always though about expressing himself just through sounds in a pure way. This track shows his quality to blend sounds from different origin, creating an intense wall of sound... which he does on a different level as a DJ. The track can be categorised as an ambient track but comes with a very rhythmic structure that is determined to create a psychedelic soundscape.
Stefan Gubatz who has already remixed Riley Reinhold and Steve Barnes "Someday" and has recorded for Telrae, has written a superb remix of "Mountaintop people" that captures the atmosphere in magic way, transforms it into a hell of a deep Chicago house track! Leaves us speechless! Please give it a listen.
The most DJ friendly track is a superb remix of „Mountaintop People” from Intu:itiv aiming at today's DJs and their culture. The duo has released on big brother MBF and on their own label Inkpot so far, receiving good feedback!

Release date: 7th September 2011

1. Mountaintop People

2. Needleleaf

3. Sun Paradox

4. Mountaintop People
(Stefan Gubatz remix)

4. Mountaintop People
(Intu:itiv remix)

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