MBF Ltd 12033 - Deepgroove - Directions

We welcome back Deepgroove with their second release on MBF LTD.
Their title track “Directions” moves with a rather tricky beat that really challenges the dancers on the floor, a circumstance we approve of since this is a call for innovation we will always support.
The blend of contemporary sound and Chicago coolness is a good one and maybe a trademark.
“Sun Seed” sounds rather mild by title but turns out to be a rather soulful but hard hitting Disco House track, introducing cool breakdowns, deeper FX vocals and trumpets!
This is a party track right from the start, easy accessible and down to earth... timeless... just cool music all the way.
For the remix we asked Jules de Pearl again who already remixed Deepgroove’s track “Cabinet Of Curiosities“ for their debut on MBF LTD.
Jules is a master of having House music and Dub House clashing in a sexy way. His references to “Directions” refer to the rhythmic played chords and evoke an almost early “Transmat spirit” with the twisted tones. Don't quote us for that, but this is how we feel when we hear this music.

Release date: 31st October 2011

1. Directions

2. Sun Seed

3. Directions
(Jules de Pearl remix)

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