MBF Ltd 12034 - Maurice Aymard - Italo Slot EP

Maurice Aymard is a DJ/ producer and founder of the Barcelona based label Galaktika Records.

He studied electronic engineering at Nueva Esparta University and now releases his debut on MBF LTD.

Especially his track “Italo Slot” is a true MBF LTD track. It totally fills the gab which opened when Cosmic Sandwich disappeared from the label. So expect to hear funky guitars, cool claps, rhodes sounds and machine drum beats making the hearts of every Italo and Disco fan beat frantically!

“ItaloSlot” in its original version is a slacker and track that plays down things and nevertheless, underneath the surface, is alive and kicking.

“El Sexto” is a bassline monster , a sensual love maker, a track that stabs you with every kick drum.

Experience a psychedelic ride with cool chords... wild pitch sounds... and nice peaks in which all of these rise and become towering sounds!

When all of it is nearly at the peak, Maurice adds a simple open hi-hat which dos wonders... yes things can be so simple and so cool... this is masterpiece of music.

Eddie C’s take on “Italo Slot” refers also to the genre, adding cool vocals and sliding guitars and big FX peaks... being tougher and rougher than the original.

Trujillo has remixed “Italo Slot” an a big of a 808 electro style fashion. He has put an emphasis on the   melodies, making them a pleasant affair... so get on the couch and enjoy this one on a big stereo system!

Release date: 30th November 2011

1. Italo Slot

2. El Sexto

3. Italo Slot
(Eddie C remix)

4. Italo Slot
(Trujillo remix)

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