MBF Ltd 12035 - Piemont - Swung Up

Piemont do not let you down. After changing their style through the last 12 months towards deeper techno, they have now found a home with more organic sounding post Detroit tech house.  
Their opener "Swung Up" succeeds by gaining a spiritual and hypnotic edge, a midnight crawler… a hedonistic piece of house that gives room to eccentric self-expression on the dance floor and a bit of a "left field" New York house feeling rules here. 
Picked up by the right DJs, this could end as a crass underground hymn! 
"Colored Plastic" instead takes this step a bit further in the direction of house, including organ sounds we know from early Chicago soul music (Staxx, Mowtown) and ads vintage percussions creating a lively never ending party. 
"Clinking glass" is a track that combines moody parts with post Detroit chord-stabs providing the track with a strong drive and techno soul. Piemont fuse elements here of techno and house very skillfully keeping a fine balance going, avoiding any clichés you get with modern house music so often these days. This is an authentic piece of music. 
Jules de Pearl has established himself on MBF LTD with two solo Eps and several remixes receiving a good amount of praise. His remix of "Clinking Glass" for Piemont might be one of the best remixes he has done so far… super funky... slick as hell, Jules has layered rhythms here and steers his remix towards some of the great house tracks of now. 
Deepchild’s remix of "Clinking Glass" starts out as a beat-rocker and slides into a more pop focused hemisphere clinging to vocals of the original that he manipulates to achieve a soulful deep "heat wave" of a house track.  
Listen to the break when all collapses and the vocals are the only survivors… a big moment! 
Sebastian Porter is an upcoming force for MBF who has also remixed an MBF LTD artist now. Sebastian has also remixed "Clinking Glass" but see what he has come up with… he has distilled a wonderful harmonic joyride... fantastic beats meets seductively synths. This is a track for the early morning and a true piece of art!  

Release date: 30th January 2012

1. Swung Up

2. Coloured Plastic

3. Clinking Glass

4. Clinking Glass
(Jules De Pearl remix)

5. Clinking Glass
(Deepchild remix)

5. Clinking Glass
(Sebastian Porter remix)

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