MBF Ltd 12037 - Phiorio & Pattrix - The Wick Python

Italian born Gianpiero has his diverse musical preferences spanned from rock to electronica; this diverse background forming the foundation of his musical knowledge and understanding.
The thriving London Free Party enabled him collaborations with various UK based sound systems with gigs at raves and clubs around the UK and Europe. His style is jacking and tech house.
His partner in crime on this release is Pattrix who was influenced in style by his appearances on the London warehouse parties. They have worked together before on the label Retrometro and seem to appreciate the open-mindedness a lot of producers lack nowadays.
They start with "The Famous Wick Python" which is a cool monster of a tech house track with a lot of understatement and rolling rhythm, funked up, twisted all in a cool controlled way… or do we hear here the remnants of the "screaming" Beatlemania girls near the state of unconsciousness? This track can run forever and we are afraid we have to push the pause button here in order to get to all the other tracks.
"I Do Not Wish To Reproduce" is not as annihilating as the title suggests, we think this is a rather jolly groover with lots of hummed vocals for the atmosphere and a nice stop and go feeling… percussive and relaxed… this track holds some eclectic nuances Riley Reinhold is himself always puts forward on the label.
"The Visitor" is the blueprint for a new genre born: "techno ska"! This track has a nice groove and some really slack percussion going, we really love that! The ups and downs are all well timed and show they have lost a lot of blood and tears on the rave side of life!
Sam Clarence is an alias of  Arnaud Le Texier, he who has put mighty chords in action here with his remix of: "The Famous Wick Python" and  shows as always a great sense of feeling for rhythm and sound in an unorthodox relation to each other keeping that twisted kind of funk we know since the early Chicago days. But... who put the cuckoo clock in this track?
Clio is Dif Karim who has recorded for Metoiline LTD before and who has remixed the track "I Do Not Wish To Reproduce" and has given it the understatement, deepness and feel, that reminds us English techno with a touch of Peter Ford’s music.      

Release date: 30th April 2012

1. The Famous Wick Python

2. I Do Not Wish To Reproduce

3. The Visitor

4. The Famous Wick Python
(Sam Clarence Remix)

5. I Do Not Wish To Reproduce
(Clio Remix)

6. The Visitor
(Deep Mix)

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