MBF Ltd 12039 - Deepgroove - Tumbling Dice

Lee Pattison and Grayson Shipley have recorded two release with MBF LTD so far and have a dazzling discography, with releases and remixes for Rekids, Turbo, Cocoon, Harthouse, to their actual release on Tim Sheridan’s VeryVeryWrongIndeed label.

So we expected nothing less than two pieces of music that will make their way to the dance floor.

  As Resident Advisor remarked Deepgroove are: “Simultaneously unrelentingly simple and ridiculously complex". Or Pete Tongs comment on their music: ‘No messing, they do exactly what it say’s on the tin… they know how to drop it!’.

  "Tumbling Dice" is a "powerhouse" track with a funky bassline which can compete in its seductive quality with Carl Craig’s "Throw", they know how to pull the the right sounds and still keep it all deep and classy. "Tumbling Dice" has a nice stop and go quality and changes between uplifting and darker moods to become a relentless "party animal".

  "More Than The Night" starts like a New York house classic... worked up... with percussive patters and cool delays... that slip and move in biorhythms. You expect a diva to lend her voice to a track like this... which does not happen, so we expect people to sing along to this euphoric tune.

  The remix comes from French producer Julien Sandre, who has recorded for Brise, Safari Numerique and Monique. His remix carries the aura of an underlying feeling for urgency, as we know it from early Blake Baxter productions. The sound is rough and tough. No messing with it!  

Release date: 30th June 2012

1. Tumbling Dice

2. More Than Night

3. Tumbling Dice
(Julien Sandre remix)

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