MBF Ltd 12040 - Yellow Bus Project - Driver

We cannot say much about this project for us all of it is very much unknown, but we really do not care, since it is stunning music.

This sweet techno house production is by all means a powerful and mighty production keeping the deeper end of things and making it a moody encounter for every one listening and dancing to this tune.

All of this applies very much to the opening track "Driver". This track has all the summer breeze spirit, similar to that of some of the wonderful Playhouse productions had in the past.

"Driver" really captures so much joy and happiness it sticks out and was just perfect for MBF LTD.

"Primitive" starts with sounds as dry as sounds you will hear in the desert. Rattlesnakes like effect sounds, shakers going bongo combined with a superb groove. The Balearic touch is very convincing and still edgy and innovative, so make sure you play this in the summer.

"One Night In Afrika" is a true slacker, takes in some original snippets of African vocal samples but relies more on it’s nice "stop and go feeling" and  perfect sound design that makes this track so worth while. A true summer surfer.  

Release date: 30th August 2012

1. Driver

2. Primitive

3. One Night In Afrika

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