MBF Ltd 12041 - Sandru - Deep Me

We have discovered another talent from Cologne who contributes style wise well to our deepest imprint MBF LTD.

Sandru stems from a family of artists, plays various instruments and loves to work out a tricky beat programming in combination with well thought out arrangements. He is a true artist and is very much detached from any scene or hyped music... so everything he does is accomplished very much as a result of this.

His music has a jazzy texture, with a bit of a cut up aesthetic perceivable especially in his first track "Marlil Rhodes" which sees a lush Rhodes sounds being played live on top of some serious and sophisticated studio sessions/work... all done with a feeling and like for Chicago house music. This track is a real summer charmer, a track that can run forever, a track that seeks and challenges the dancer to do some fancy movements... and we were keen to get it out so it can still catch a glimpse of the summer sun.

"Rainbow" kicks off with an acoustic drum roll and Amazon sound making it a long intro of 1 ½ minutes before a heavy baseline joins in and the sounds gains volume and 100% dynamic for the DJ. This track is full of joy, bursting with  life... again making it a track that can be summed up as "putting a smile on your face" and have your feet and hips getting into motion.

The last track "Deep Me" is a monster of a rhythm track with a big breakdown in the middle of the track... keeping a much lower key then the other trax and operating with much more understatement... it can turn out to be a real a DJ weapon when played by the right DJ.

This 3 track EP is a masterfully crafted piece of music and Sandru a person to look out for.  

Release date: 28th September 2012

1. Marli Rhodes

2. Rainbow

3. Deep Me

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