MBF Ltd 12042 - Riley Reinhold & Stefan Gubatz - The Next And The Next

Based on the cycles of life and the small things in life that make it so special, the track was written by Riley Reinhold and Stefan Gubatz in the Cologne label Headquarters.

The track uses the sounds generated by children on a playground as a matrix and shifts towards a very relaxed but stylized dialogue between two people introducing heavy claps, Kraftwerk like strings and a mutant disco feeling, all adding up to a slacker feeling.

Marcus Sur, who has release with MBF LTD as well as Trapez ltd, has reworked the original in a very emotional and musical way, staying away from making it too DJ friendly. His approach is very universal and superbly relaxed as always.

Miguel Bastida starts his remix similar to the original but changes direction very quickly. An up-tempo feel is installed as well as a general toughness which makes it very much an DJ tool.

Jakob Ryter is a new discovery form Cologne who gives his debut here with his first released piece of music. Jakob has a great feeling when it comes to beat programming. His flow is exceptionally gentle and smooth.

Deep’a & Biri have released with us before and with a break of almost a year we are looking forward to hearing another piece of music by them. Their remix might be the most DJ tool orientated remix, working very skilfully with cycles/repetition, adding extra elements in a slick way.

You might know the "Yellow Bus Project" who have released on MBF LTD before, listen to their interpretation of "The Next And The Next", which is maybe the closest of all remixes but introduces extra elements in the progression of the track which are very nice.  

Release date: 29th October 2012

1. The Next And The Next

2. The Next And The Next
(Marcus Sur remix)

3. The Next And The Next
(Miguel Bastida remix)

3. The Next And The Next
(Jacob Ryter remix)

3. The Next And The Next
(Deep’a & Biri remix)

3. The Next And The Next
(Yellow Bus Project remix)

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