MBF Ltd 12044 - Intu:itiv - The Road Less Travelled

Intu:itiv had a good start almost two years ago on MBF and then the project went through many changes, style wise... and many other things happened... so now we are happy to see them back on MBF LTD with three very personal and extraordinary good tracks.

Let's start with the first track "The Road Less Travelled". This track deeply moved us... we see something in it that we miss in many others nowadays… there is real emotion in it and by magic this track, although the theme repeats itself constantly, reshapes itself all the way till the end. The track has that happy - sad feeling in full effect and it could as well be their strongest work to date.

Saying that "The Flutterby" comes very close since it is also a very personal and intense track with a strong piano theme.

It has that timeless classy quality and since all chords have been played by the artist instead of just using samples it’s full of life and passion. "The Flutterby" could become a grand track for the tastemakers among us.

"What's Left" is actually a remarkable melancholic downbeat track with a strong piano theme... that has it’s passionate peak moments which could also make it a nice piece of music to have when playing a deeper set.  

Release date: 31st January 2013

1. The Road Less Travelled

2. The Flutterby

3. What's Left

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