MBF Ltd 12045 - Martin Patino - Music For Vertical Surfaces

Martin Patino is a real heavyweight with releases on FLASH, Suara, Sincopat and his January 2013 release "Hunter EP" on Cadenza.
Martin belongs to the generation who have enhanced house music with a new vibrant sound.
His opening track "Michal" is a spiritual and breathtaking experience, a mesmerizing encounter into the deeper and psychedelic side of the soul. Martin hits the keys with precision creating a very lively and energetic side that works in perfect harmony as a juxtaposition to his hypnotic side. This track is a fabulous one we will definitely see people playing out on many parties.
Mfvs (Part1) stands for Music for Vertical Surfaces and describes the muzak side of Martin Patino. Martin shows a virtuosic and style wise jazzy side when he kicks of an avalanche of various instruments going at the same time, creating a joyous and phantastic musical ride.
Mfvs (Part2) has a more cinematic feel to it and features a stronger melodic side of his.
It is connected to part 1 in  the way that it is very lively as well on the rhythmic side (bongos + drum themes) but places it musically closer to the label Traum.
Both tracks bend the House genre and lead to eccentric and stunning results, which our label is constantly looking for!  

Release date: 26th February 2013

1. Michal

2. Mfvs (Part 1)

3. Mfvs (part 2)

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