MBF Ltd 12046 - Arsy - Wait And Bleed For A Horse With No Name

When we heard the track "A Horse With No Name" we knew it was a slacker we would like to see on MBF LTD in succession to Cosmic Sandwich’s trax at the early stage of MBF LTD!

"A Horse With No Name" is a bit of a mutation of a New York organ house classic recorded with a good portion of DIY spirit from the Berlin artist Arsy.

"Wait And Bleed" picks up New York house music best renown artefacts and puts them together in a mix with the sound of a fax machine! This is another slick one from Arsy at his best.

Enjoy both tracks with a glass of red wine.  

Release date: 29th March 2013

1. A Horse With No Name

2. Wait And Bleed

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