MBF Ltd 12047 - Emil Berliner - Unexpected EP

Emil Berliner is by some right now considered one of the new most striking and noticeable newcomers of the new dance scene in Vienna.

His superb deep house grooves and his moving live gigs (which incorporate programmed as well as live played elements) as well as his debut "halting breath" on Emocean records, have already put him on the map in the Austrian electronic dance scene. Emil Berliner records music of different directions and genres. He is inspired by classic music as well as music from the 60ies which he incorporates in his recordings.

Hi track "Flummifreuden" was a breakthrough for him.

Emil Berliner might be associated with the new generation of producers around Nicolas Jar. Emil Berliner seeks an almost French format of elegance, his beat are gentle and cushioned and deceleration is another key word you might drop when describing his production.

His brand new Unexpected EP expresses exactly this attitude and takes in before mentioned attributes such as deepness, joyfulness and tenderness. The opening track is called "Little Miss Sunshine" and definitely has a velvet touch to it, and is very much determined but in a cautious and gentle way. The laid back style is gripping and it is these details which are like rare goods, hard to find goods which appear here just at the right time.

"Unexpected" sends of a soulful and spiritual feeling right from the beginning. The track puts forward a bit of a gospel feeling, and is very funky with occasional silent screams of joy.

This is a as much as a rocker as "Miss Sunshine" though it is more direct and reaching out …using different musical elements, such as a xylophone melody and string sounds and  "dynamic jumps" which provide the trax with a nice toughness.

  The last track of the EP is called "Humanity" and starts off with a  radio address , an urgent  appeal to humanity  before it leaps into flow of strings sounds which are  punctuated by tiny melodies creating a melodic complexity that is pulling you into the track.  

Release date: 29th April 2013

1. Little Miss Sunshine

2. Unexpected

3. For Humanity

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