MBF Ltd 12049 - Philipp Lichtblau - Voyeur EP

Philipp Lichtblau is a pal of Vienna's Emil Berliner who has recently recorded with us.

Philipp combines on this EP for MBF LTD tender moments of deeper house , dub and techno and creates a unique genre-free piece of music... that lingers on like your favorite jazz tune.

The opening track "Voyons" is a melange of jazz-ridden acoustic percussion and deep strings keeping a nice overall balance rich with nuances , controlling the impact on attacks, the tempo, and the variation of the melodies in a very artistic and skilled way.

Philipp Lichtblau controls piano and synth chords with bravery when he alternates between them letting an airy feeling enter this opening track of brilliance! "Glissando" has an almost classic feel to it and feels like a summer breeze. Its elegant melodic passages and acoustic percussion makes it a dreamy affair until it plunges into an acid bassline passage that sobers up the track. Melodies rush by and give back the track its velvet touch and thereby close the cycle ….making it a masterful and classy recording of music.

"Cacher" rounds up the release with a track that connects perfectly with "Glissado", using acoustic room recordings, piano stabs, a tuned down 303 bassline (or anything that can sound like it today) and a hell of a lot of emotions. Get a hang on these 3 tracks they can brighten up you day. Release date: 19th June 2013  

1. Voyons

2. Glissando

3. Cacher

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