MBF Ltd 12051 - Emil Berliner - Ballonpost EP

"Musique Par Le Ballon" collects the liveliness and the naiveness of the summer in a sophisticated and masterfully crafted way. Emil Berliner has herewith composed music that only grows in a sheltered garden. A bourgeois feel that creates a noble spirit is the result. Let yourself be consumed by the airy and light atmosphere... you will not regret it.

"Roundtrip" connects nicely to the opening track, the downtempo slacker features an incredible vocal which directly pulls you in the track. There is a bit of early Daft Punk in here or at least a French feeling of writing complex melodic arrangements. Make sure you listen to that track of Emil Berliner!

"Feel Good" in the original version is glider of a track. Without effort this track sustains the balance, avoiding any stunts or complex breakdowns.
The remix by Philipp Straub has taken up the challenge of generating more of a dance tune out of the original ingredients, using a monstrous baseline and keeping a nice pace throughout the track... steering the track with focus on the dance floor. Philipp Straub has done a very fine job keeping the airy spirit of the original and adding these funky and restless parts to give it that certain uplifting spirit for the club.

Release date: 30. September 2013

1. Musique Par Le Ballon

2. Roundtrip

3. Feel Good

4. Feel Good
(Philipp Straub Remix)

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Musique Par Le Ballon