MBF Ltd 12052 - Stone Owl - Gnostic Knowledge

Stone Owl release their second EP with us which lends an unmistakably deeper and moody American feeling to our label MBF lTD.

Their EP kicks of with the soulful and spacious track "Under The Airport". A track that you directly associate with a summery feel, whirring heat, magic illuminations. Everything seems to linger in the air never touching the ground. This makes "Under The Airport" a spiritual experience blessed with the killer signature of Stone Owl’s ethereal style.

"MJ 12" is a perfect match to their opening track, a track that swells with organic respiration and lush life, is equally smoothed out, full of sounds that are always pristine and full of unexpected details.

"Hidden Records" might be the last track on the EP but is by no means a filler. It is the only track with vocal snippets and a strong continuation in sound, still coming in waves, it gives the track a feeling as if time seems to stand still.

Stone Owl have again shown a lot of commitment and musicality to make this release something special.

Release date: 23. October 2013

1. Under The Airport

2. MJ 12

3. Hidden Records

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