MBF Ltd 12054 - Soulfeed - Kind of Yellow

Soulfeed are a duo from Israel who have produced two deep hypnotic trax which seem to float on a cushion of air.

"Kind Of Mellow" bathes in pulsation string sounds and layers of warm synths to create a comforting and cozy zone. There are no big stunts in the arrangement instead Soulfeed exercise craft-fully a cheerfulness throughout the track to which a slight feeling of blue is added.

The track "Glow" is more exotic and stronger on the vocal side with played instruments that express a mellow felling in perfection. "Glow" connects nicely with "Kind Of Mellow showing more changes in the arrangement and and musicality. This is a great track to be played out in deep house sets and in general in a very relaxed environment which could be a lounge area as well.

Release date: 31. March 2014

1. Kind of Mellow

2. Glow

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