MBF Ltd 12055 - Mario Hammer - Cthulhu

Mario Hammer has released on Tour de Traum and as part of RWAC on Trapez. So one can truthfully call him a person with many musical identities who is hard to pin down.

This is his first release on MBF LTD with the epic project of "Cthulhu".

"Call Of Cthulhu" plunges into an impressive 3 minute intro that step by step pulls in rhythm elements and a more then massive bassline. The track has a cool vintage feeling of early Detroit techno in combination with an ambient dub characteristic. Mario Hammer is a master at blending genres and so the Basic Channel like chord only represent a piece of the cosmos he paints here in chimes.

"Cthulhu Wake Up" is in a way the continuation of a very similar feeling but brought to you by a massive sliding or bending bassline, a sequenced melody and a very nice percussion with tons of delays. This is a hypnotic piece of music with an intense layering of sounds creating a strong dynamic while it sets one foot in front of the next.
We hope to hear more from Mario Hammer in this style.

Release date: 23. April 2014

1. Call Of Cthulhu

2. Cthulhu Wake Up

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