MBF Ltd 12056 - Philipp Lichtblau - Crisis

The first track of this EP starts out with "Quarterlife Crisis", a track that serves background noise of what could be a cafe house in Vienna generating a nice carpet of voices on which a heavy 808 beat hoovers with nice claps that work in favor of an acoustic ambience which develops without any force. We have hinted before at the fact that Vienna’s DJ and producer Philipp Lichtblau has created a unique genre-defying field of music, which would you want to grasp it in words could be something like: "ambient-minimal-house".
In comparison to his music on the "Voyeur EP" on MBF LTD "Quarterlife Crisis" is more laid back carries more grandeur and could be a perfect soundtrack to the early summery days.

"Glasses" is his first track collaborating with Elena Shirin on MBF LTD. Shirin’s amazing vocal contribution breathes life into Philipp Lichtblau’s pretty spartan signals of acoustic percussion and that interaction is a pretty cool example of how deep music can sound in 2014.

"Dinner For One" is the most uptempo track on this EP making use of a dynamic house beat, before plunging into a nice silent break that prepares the listener and dancer for the next wave to follow.

All three tracks have that particular "slow motion" feeling Philipp Lichtblau perfectly draws attention to. They may reflect a mild summer breeze in Edwardian garden to say the least.

Release date: 28. May 2014

1. Quarterlife Crisis

2. Glasses Feat. Elena Shirin

3. Dinner For One

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