MBF LTD 12058 - Daniel Klose - Seesucht

Daniel Klose gives his debut on our label, with deep trax of timeless beauty.
"Seesucht" expresses a fastness and breathes in a scenery of bleached out colors. A track that offers no stunts but will rather float in an unspectacular but beautiful way.

"Barkasse" paints a more specific and personal pictures of seaside life. The arrangement is more complex and carries a breeze of stronger emotions.

"Leuchtturm" spins curls of melodies and throws whispers into the clouds, alternating like high tide and low tide.

"Bambuse" involves guitar, vocals and a change of perspective by keeping a similar mood.

Release date Beatport: 21. July 2014
Release date digital: 04. August 2014

1. Seesucht

2. Barkasse

3. Leuchtturm

4. Bambuse

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