MBF LTD 12063 - Luc Angenehm - Walhall EP

Luc Angenehm has released tracks on 3 Tour de Traum compilations already. One of those tracks "Korona" developed to be a hit in some circles. Now Luc is releasing his first solo out on our deepest label MBF LTD.
The EP kicks off with the track "Walhall" you might now from our last Tour De Traum. It is a very nice lush track which puts it next to music of Egokind and Parra for Cuva.

"Karibik" begins with tribal drums and jazzy connotations which is rather untypical for Luc Angenehm but soars towards a quiet melodic tune.

"Nalani" moves with the beat of a double heartthrob and in the following course of the track undergoes strong changes which elevate the mood of the track towards an ethereal beauty not unlike some of Max Cooper trax.

"Voluspa" is a hybrid of electronica (sounds) and house music (beats) that undergo a nice soothing symbiosis between the two despite some twisted sequences putting it close to an Traum artist such as Peet.

"Valkyrie" is a tender track with a strong microstructure, including occasional eruptive outbreaks of sounds that make it a contender for a soundtrack of desolated places with lots of vegetation.

Release date Beatport:   16. February 2015
Release date Digital:      02. March 2015

Available at:

1. Walhall

2. Karibik

3. Nalani

4. Voluspa

5. Valkyrie