MBF LTD 12064 - Marius Franke - Ivory

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With the signing Marius Franke, we have a new talent on our Label MBF LTD and with that our first release that includes Two Step like rhythms. In fact we are releasing Franke’s first release ever here, which already shows what wealth of music he is able to deliver. His debut EP pays homage to an older musical continuum of earlier sounds from the Aphex Twin to Flying Lotus to the very present, encompassing jungle, drum n bass, techno and electronica.
His opening track "Nails" is a breathtaking moody excursion, spacious and soothing, celebrating different traits and attributes simultaneously creating great epic moments.
Marius Franke is a trained e-bass player who uses his played instruments as the source for his music and then uses the computer for sequencing and sound design.

The second track "Ivory" starts with a discoish feeling through his lively, self played bass but then drops into a different time zone. Jazzy played chords join in, making the transition here to a moody piece of music.
Franke here exercises a minimalist and simplistic piece of music with a romantic edge, a perfect stop and go feeling, embracing “silence” as compositional element. Time stands still here.

The third original "Metropol" kicks off with a secluded but beautiful, lively and exotic place before it plunges into jazzy guitar chords and baseline giving it a lounge perspective.

The first remix comes from MBF LTD and Traum artist Usmev who sneaks into the track and gently gives the original a house twist using string sounds and bass from the original adding his own instruments reminding us of nice early deep house by Blaze and friends.

Cyril, Tour De Traum IX contender, has contributed a stunning abstract piece of music. He has remixed "Nails" in an ambient Two Step style with a focus on the orchestral side.

Last but not least we asked Franz Alice Stern, who gave his debut on Trapez ltd recently, for a deep remix of "Nails", resulting in a dubby & moody house track with his signature.

Release date Beatport:   16. March 2015
Release date Digital:      30. March 2015

1. Nails

2. Ivory

3. Metropol

4. Metropol (Usmev Remix)

5. Nails (Cyrill Luzin Remix)

6. Nails (Franz Alice Stern Remix)