MBF LTD 12067 - Dovim - Scolopendra

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Dovim is our new signing on MBF LTD. He blends deeper moments of post Detroit influence with a modern, light and gentle approach.

The opening track "Scolopendra" does exactly that and Dovim performs in perfection. The track glides instead of putting a stranglehold on you and will put a big smile on your face whenever you hear it!

The "WOW Signal" has a one minute experimental intro before it is joined by a heavy bassy beat and sensual melodies that are very well written. There are a lot of details which show this is a composition rather than a DJ track.

"Phiro" has the acoustic feel of wildlife, the melodic feel of great deep house and the compositional skill which tells us Dovim has a lot to offer.

"Ectoderm" is a courageous track that shows a lot of great funk and is also a bit over the top at times or one could say... it is rather witty.

Release date Beatport:   19. October 2015
Release date Digital:      30. October 2015

1. Scolopendra

2. The WOW Signal

3. Phiro

4. Ectoderm