Moosfiebr - Secret Cinema EP - MBF LTD 12068

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Introducing Moosfiebr "Secret Cinema" (MBF LTD 12068)

Moosfiebr the dynamic duo from Switzerland have their own definition of music with plenty of crossover potential to rock dance floors around the planet, playing gigs from Japan, South Africa, Thailand to Sri Lanka, bringing together techno and house in various colors. In the past they have remixed Minilogue’s track "Doiice" and feature here a Sebastian Mullaert remix.

Moosfiebr "She Is A Rainbow"

The EP opens with "She Is A Rainbow" transporting a nice 80ies UK feeling we know from ska bands like The Specials or Madness using snippets of trumpets sounds. Somewhere we read Moosfiebr will get you going all night… and they certainly do with this kind of anthem!

Moosfiebr "Purpur"

"Purpur" starts with some understatement but changes then into a great vodka laden polka track including some sleaziness which makes it a real party tune.

Moosfiebr "Secret Cinema"

"Secret Cinema" keeps a funky groove that beats time and then turns towards a soulful theme. Moosfiebr are entertainers and it would not surprise us if they perform in suits ala Liberace.

Moosfiebr "Secret Cinema (Sebastian Mullaert Remix)"

Sebastian Mullaert one half of Minilogue has remodeled "Secret Cinema" in his unique way exercising a hypnotic, repetitive, deep, ever-changing tune with no end to it. Being the shaman of spiritual techno for some time also his remix stays true to that description. Experience nothing less then a Steve Reich sounding experimental piece of powerful dance culture.

Moosfiebr "Secret Cinema (Agent! Remix)"

Agent! has also remixed "Secret Cinema" keeping the colorful and wild mixture of the original to some extent making it a very enjoyable journey into DJ culture.

Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  23. May 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    03. June 2016

1. She Is A Rainbow

2. Purpur

3. Secret Cinema

4. Secret Cinema
    (Sebastian Mullaert „Siren“ Remix)

5. Secret Cinema (Agent! Remix)