Emde & Anham - Flash - MBF LTD 12069

Introducing Emde & Anham "Flash" (MBF LTD 12069)

Emde and Anham release a summerly deep EP here with us which is also a followup to Emde’s EP "Never Gonna Know" on MFB LTD a good year ago.

Emde & Anham "Flash"

"Flash" opens up the EP, an energetic tune that combines tight loop sequences with progressing melodies all done in an artistic way creating a tune that feedbacks constantly to your senses.

Emde & Anham with "Sleep Away"

"Sleep Away" shows sounds from the distance resonating and last but not least reveals compelling sound writing.

"Promise" by Emde & Anham

"Promise" is a lovely melancholic and deep track that makes nice turns but keeps a gentle poise.

The Chill Out Version of "Fireworks" from Emde & Anham

"Fireworks (Chill Out Version)" rounds up the release with an excellent ambient piece.

Release Dates

Release date Beatport:       13. June 2016
Release date worldwide:    24. June 2016

Available at:

1. Flash

2. Sleep Away

3. Promise

4. Fireworks (Chill Out Version)