Swann Decamme & Mark Howls - Ability EP - Trapez 187

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Swann Decamme & Mark Howls on Trapez

Swann Decamme keeps a low profile, you will not get much information about the Paris based producer, so we understand it is all about the music for him and that is all that counts.
He has a reputation as being hard working, 100% dedicated and artistic. So far he performed at Time Warp, EXIT Festival Novi Sad, Dour Festival and hold residencies in several clubs in the south of France. He has recorded a full length 4 track EP together with French artists Mark Howls for us which is very much our definition of lean techno.

"Ability" by Swann Decamme & Mark Howls

The EP opens with his track "Ability". A profound and masterfully crafted piece of techno that works on the brainy side as well as keeping the legs happy. Including a portion of a winding synth which are steered here through the traffic of grinding beats and work like an emotional roller-coaster.

"Inner Tension" by Swann Decamme & Mark Howls

"Inner Tension" is very different much more urgent, containing more drama and swelling synths noise on top of background sounds that monitor voice from public places.

"Gaïa" by Swann Decamme & Mark Howls

"Gaïa" has a stronger minimal approach, is more clear and cautious and includes a well cultivated rhythmic "on&off" dynamic.

"Coronar" by Swann Decamme

The last track of the EP "Coronar" has enough droning bass to fill up any space. Be prepared, this hypnotic slice of techno is addictive and can lead you through the night. No liquids in plastic cups near the speakers and no talking please.

Swann Decamme & Mark Howls Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  10. March 2017
Release date Worldwide:               24. March 2017