Atlaxsys - Crop EP - Trapez 188

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Atlaxsys "Crop EP" on Trapez

Atlaxsys is a brand new artist whom we signed for his first EP on Trapez. The 4 track EP includes the tracks: Crop, CPU and Complex as well as a remix.
Andrey Gorbunov aka Atlaxsys writes honest and direct techno with a teutonic and nervous feel plus a 3rd dimension which gives depth to it. This directly fits to our definition of Trapez.

"Crop" by Atlaxsys

"Crop" has a strong composition that always reevaluates the intensity of sounds and that shifts them constantly. This makes the track a super intense experience we don’t want to miss.

"CPU" by Atlaxsys

"CPU" is another great track, a bit more industrial strength in the sense of early hardcore techno by the likes of Lenny Dee.

"Complex" by Atlaxsys

"Complex" could not be more direct you may be attempted to say but then you realize there is much more to his music than that... it is deep and exploring. Dig into it is worth it!

Bastian Balders hands on "Crop"

Berlin based artist Bastian Balders who is known for his industrial dark techno has remixed "Crop" in his fashion for Trapez.

Atlaxsys Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  21. April 2017
Release date Worldwide:               05. May 2017