Bastet - Dark Man - Trapez 189

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Introducing Bastet on Trapez

The Spanish producer and DJ Bastet has produced a 3 track EP for Trapez.

"Broken Brain" by Bastet

The opening track "Broken Brain" makes it clear Bastet is a powerhouse of a producer. His style is 100%: in your face. He brings together alien sounding artifacts of sound that interact with a heavy and monstrous baseline to create a non-stop stream of great energy!

"Dark Man" by Bastet

"Dark Man" follows that style of relentless, machine like beats and sounds, but gives it a notable variation. Extreme FX treatment provide his sounds with a cool conflicting character.

"Dominion" by Bastet

"Dominon" is another great track. A track that moves like a steam train, there is no looking back with it. And it is great to go along with because you never know where it will lead you to.
The moments where Bastet filters down all of it are great as well and will be great fun to play in a club!

Bastet Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  12. May 2017
Release date Worldwide:               26. May 2017