Alfred Heinrichs & Dejvid Kavazovic - Jiggy - Trapez 191

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Alfred Heinrichs and Dejvid Kavazovic on Trapez

Alfred Heinrichs has been a force in the techno world for some time now through his melodic project he did with Sascha Braemer in 2003 and in 2013 and through his releases on the label Supdub which gained big success. In 2014 he established his techno imprint under the name of "Jolly". For Trapez he has teamed up with Berlin based artist Dejvid Kavazovic and together they follow the trail of „Jolly“ to bring us hard authentic techno.


"Jiggy" is a fantastic techno bomb that reminds us of early Green Velvet music… energetic rattling beats… teutonic sounds… just perfect. Prepare the blast with this tune also in your DJ sets.

"Top That"

"Top That" takes on the bold approach to deliver straight in your face techno. Slashing percussion, hitting drums and cool sophisticated reverb-rooms define the raw sound of this track.


The last track is simple called "This". It is only less raw when it includes patches of melodic sounds whereas most of the time the track keeps its "freaks out" and hysteric profile. This is a track that will move people.

Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                  14. July 2017
Release date Worldwide:               28. July 2017