Frederic Stunkel - Trip Your Soul - Trapez 200

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Welcome back Frederic Stunkel on Trapez

Frederic Stunkel returns to Trapez with a milestone of an EP. The EP opens with "Dive In" a funky tapeworm of a techno track that slowly raises the intensity in a sophisticated and amazing way. There is a lot going on which keeps your brain, soul and legs happy.


"Cube" is all hands up in the air but has great quiet moments created by repetition and it uses cool surreal breaks you cannot get enough of.

"One Dark Trip To Your Soul"

"One Dark Trip To Your Soul" starts heavy and pounding but incorporates simplistic melody sequences and deepness to make rave music an attractive item again. Nice stop and go motion and the long break toward the end speaks its own language. We love the approach.

"Parallel Volume"

"Parallel Volume" has a genuine archaic touch and keeps the rough way and certainly is a bit of a sick track.

Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                                                    13. April 2018
Release date Worldwide:                                                 27. April 2018