Dani Sbert - Fake World - Trapez 202

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Dani Sbert is back with a powerfull EP

With his fourth release with us Dani Sbert stands up to his reputation as a top skilled master of groove programming..

"Fake World"

The title track "Fake World" combines spine tickling FX sounds with monumental sounding beats. Experience the short synth explosions that spark images in your mind and inject some uncertainness. Refreshing and timeless!


Listening to "Petra" is like dancing on a volcano before it erupts… music that sets impulses resonating and at times mind boggling. There is a constant stop and go rhythm of dark & gloomy moments transported by these mighty beats Dani Sbert is so known for. Experience high-hats that sound like insects and some strange vision of what nature could amount to in another world.


"Work" is a handcrafted piece of techno that has the thump on the essence of techno and makes it all come alive which only a few can do. The last break at the end of "Work" is worth waiting for!!

Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                                                    08. June 2018
Release date Worldwide:                                                 22. June 2018