Exparagus - Exemplar - Trapez 203

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Welcome Exparagus on Trapez!

Jon Michels has been releasing on US labels under the moniker of Exparagus and we got to know him through his demo he sent us. Exparagus is a master when it comes to programmed grooves that have a sensual „techno-funk edge“ to them and that depend on just a few number of elements. In this sense he is a true minimalist and writes music the classical way.


Kicking off his EP with the title track "Exemplar" this track has that perfect „rolling“ flow to it. It is a track that combines a massive baseline driven quality with sensuous soulful sounds that provide depth. You can`t deny the fact that this track is of an extreme addictive nature you don’t want to miss


"Alimango" is almost like a trip through a forest, many small percussive sounds create an almost gentle soundtrack and establish an overall happy and light feeling alongside the massive pounding kick drum. We love the hypnotic quality also with this track and can see some people playing that track to death.

"Fake News"

"Fake News" dedicates itself to a different groove, less pleasing, more demanding. This beat is for the advanced one would think but soon becomes as natural as a habit you can’t get rid off. This track grows on you at a dangerous rate and could make it your favorite track of the EP. Get a hand on this one you won`t regret it.!

Release Dates

Release date Beatport:                                                    13. July 2018
Release date Worldwide:                                                 27. July 2018