FAC3OFF - Chaos Theory EP - Trapez 205

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We welcome back our precious FAC3OFF

His 5th Trapez EP kicks off with "Chaos Theory" a machine driven techno track with sounds that come across as a car horn causing havoc in traffic. A concept where you don`t know where this track will actually lead you to until it is over. An archaic idea of techno we like very much.

"The Red Apple"

"The Red Apple" defines itself trough an industrial pounding kick drum and roaring synths that build up towards an acid sequence white airy and spacious character, unique and cool.


"Phobos" directly evokes the impression of a mighty and noisy track with lots of space. The longer it runs it also provokes that dark and claustrophobic atmosphere you cannot escape. This stands in contrast to "Chaos Theory" and "The Red Apple" and widens the spectrum of this EP in hence makes it attractive to different people

"Can't Breath"

"Can't Breath" is a dirty and mean techno track undisciplined and seemingly random but exactly what you are looking for when you want to get carried away by an analog unpredictability.

Release date Beatport:                                              14. September 2018
Release date Worldwide:                                           28. September 2018