Alex Under - Este Tren No Para Aqui - Trapez 207

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Alex Under is back on TRAPEZ!

We are happy to release another EP with one of our pioneers on Trapez. Alex Under has been an inspiration to many young artist writing techno music. His album "Dispositivos De Mi Granja" is a milestone in techno history which lead to releases on Richie Hawtin’s label Plus 8, on Kompakt and certainly many on his own label CMYK.

"Las Setas De Mario" by Alex Under

The opening track "Las Setas De Mario" carries the nervous energy he is famous for. It evokes images chasing each other in the speed of light. All transported by a thick as silicone bass.

"El Techno De Las Flores" by Alex Under

"El Techno De Las Flores" is noise boosted right from the beginning and develops a frenzy through its wild drumming and the twisted sequence making it a sure hit for the DJ who wants to rock the crowd.

"Cachorro De Unicornio" by Alex Under

"Cachorro De Unicornio" is an 303 pressure drop, more on the psychedelic side of things. It includes a nice break down that can do magic in the club. And what can be more effective on a dance-floor than a steady nagging 303 unleashing its energy?

"Sula" by Alex Under

The last track on the EP "Sula" is also the deepest track of the EP. It brings together fractured sounds of spoken words with the claustrophobia of twisted modulated sounds.

Release date Beatport:                                               09. November 2018
Release date Worldwide:                                            23. November 2018