Alfred Heinrichs - Bitch - Trapez 209

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Alfred Heinrichs is back with his second EP on TRAPEZ!

Alfred Heinrichs is probably one of the most consequent Berlin DJ/producer who follows the idea of destroying dance floors as long as we can think of and he does this with a lot of patience and a perfect balance. It is this kind of fusion that is fascinating also with these two trax of his. And we can sympathize with the idea to gently lead the dancers into ecstasy.

"Bitch“ by Alfred Heinrichs

The first track "Bitch" is exactly one of these killer funk tracks, minimal, insane and belligerent. Heinrichs has the knowledge to turn the right screws at the right time and expresses pleasure in the way the track develops and that is refreshing in times when a lot of thoughts lead to a lot of cascading ideas that actually lead nowhere.

"Do You Know What I Am Saying" by Alfred Heinrichs

The second track: "Do You Know What I Am Saying" should be answered with "YES"! There is no question about it Alfred keeps a straight line of logic and for all of you who long for a distorted 909 drum and a dictating reduced form of funk, this track will be your perfect companion.

Release date Beatport:                                                 08. February 2019
Release date Worldwide:                                              22. February 2019