Bassfreq - Forgotten EP - Trapez 210

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Bassfreq returns with his second EP on TRAPEZ!

After Bassfreq "Reboot EP" released in December 2017 on our label he returns with a new 3 track EP.

"Forgotten“ by Bassfreq

The opening track "Forgotten" is a nagging powerful techno tool with that nervous energy you long for when you are on the dance floor.

"Khalbali" by Bassfreq

"Khalbali" is much more playful and throws in melodic pads and chords almost randomly to build up short intensive peak signals in color.

"Molecule“ by Bassfreq

And "Molecule" has the certain constant underwater sound signal that gives it that drowning character while pounding away with heavy drum and percussion.

Release date Beatport:                                                      08. March 2019
Release date Worldwide:                                                   22. March 2019