XAB - Momo - Trapez 211

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XAB is back with his second EP on TRAPEZ!

The second EP by XAB on our label combines the heaviness of acceleration of a great track like "Momo" with the deep end of "Sweet Home" and "Inner"."

"Momo“ by XAB

"Momo" manages to establish a progression and complexity within a simplistic minimalist set up that is a result of working with machines and understanding their quality.

"Sweet Home" by XAB

"Sweet Home" demonstrates a super cool soundscape of vintage string sounds with an airy and slow motion feeling on top of heavy pounding drums. A genuine great feeling on the scale between solitude and happiness.

"Inner“ by XAB

"Inner" defines itself by a chord driven melody that seems slightly flanged and lives from its forward motion drive.

Release date:                                                                       12. April 2019