Mr.Bizz - Flex EP - Trapez 212

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We welcome Mr. Bizz on TRAPEZ!

Mr. Bizz are the two brothers Fabrizio and Matteo Floris who for some time now have been heavily involved in the techno scene with releases on Cocoon recordings, Sci+Tec, Terminal M, Tuning Spork, Material Series, Sleaze recordings, Suara and MB electronics. They have also remixed "My Appologies", a track from legendary Hakan Lidbo.

"Flex“ by Mr. Bizz

Mr. Bizz EP for Trapez includes three originals and a remix by well known Maksim Dark. "Flex" is a highly infective tune that has all the quality to have 2000 people do the robot dance in a collective effort.

"Flex" Masksim Dark Remix

"Flex" was remixed by Maksim Dark and he has taken the track successfully to an even darker place.

"Tool One“ by Mr. Bizz

"Tool One" is the most reduced track of the EP. It restricts itself to the essential groove elements to do the work.

"Cosmo“ by Mr. Bizz

"Cosmo" is a simmering trippy and psychedelic journey based on a minimalist approach that gently makes the dancer wiggle in the the morning sun..

Release date:                                                                       17. May 2019