Stone Leaf - Eterea EP - Trapez 215

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We welcome Stone Leaf on TRAPEZ!

With Stone Leaf we welcome the artist Pietro Luca Congedo who has travelled far in developing a physical and spiritual underground form of electronic music which shows here in four different pieces of underground dance music for our label Trapez. He started this project in 2017 after long years of working as a percussionist with international reputation and developed new ways of performing and writing electronic music by inventing unconventional instruments and sophisticated electronic devices. All conceived by himself they are used in frequent live performance by him.

The EP includes two machine powered “techno“ trax as well as two sound based tracks which highlight the sophisticated electronic language Stone Leaf has developed over the years. The nature of many of the sounds is acoustic and self made and recorded and contributes to a brilliant spacious mixing. Stone Leaf’s research years have helped to establish this refined sound which tickles the mind and soul equally and makes this EP a listening experience.

"Branes“ by Stone Leaf

The EP sets off with the track “Branes“ and instantly establishes a brilliant complex acoustic 3D listening experience. The music here is surreal but at the same time also cosmic and concrete in the narrative quality. It uses a build up structure by where its mighty string sounds play the key role. “Branes" also establishes a kind of urgency among the beauty it reveals

"Eterea“ by Stone Leaf

“Eterea“ starts with a pulse beat at a high rate and plunges at once into a tight beat. The track reveals a morse code feeling but establishes also aesthetically a vintage aura that connects to German avant-garde music of the 70ies installing a layering of intensities that goes deep under you skin. Nevertheless the track is also highly machine driven and connects here to techno music in a fine way.

"Turok“ by Stone Leaf

“Turok“ incorporates all the droning sounds of a motor but combines them with exceptional acoustic self made sounds that open up the roof and let the „light" flood the track. There is a very defined stop and go movement in this composition and when the acoustic sounds kick in it feels very much like a wake up call for many of us who like to dance to techno music.

"Fields“ by Stone Leaf

The final track “Fields“ does as the title implies and presents a spacious and elaborate composition. It is by fact the most melodic track with ambience on this EP. Its brilliant airy quality and its musical progression is expressed by a shifting between abstract sound and recognizable piano played melodies. The skillfully exercised „balance“ shows how masterfully crafted this track is and this can be applied also to the other tracks on this this EP. “Fields“ offers a lot and you might discover more details with every listening session.

Release date:                                                                   16. August 2019