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We welcome Epi Centrum on Trapez!

Warsaw's analog techno maverick Jurek Przezdziecki aka Epi Centrum is one of the more powerful and uncompromising voices in the Polish electronic music scene. Epi Centrum has been producing music for over two decades and over the years, has received consistent support from Laurent Garnier, Oliver Ho, Joey Beltram and DJ Hell amongst others. His music is sometimes referred to as „Detroit retro-futurism“ and heavy-duty pounding techno with ghostly echoes of 90s post-industrial techno sounds. Epi Centrum is someone who works every day in the studio and who is alway on the search for something new.

Drawing in these facts the EP he has written for us is not for the weak or for people who expect a streamline lead themes with hands up in the air passages. Expect some extremes in his music that might be just the link you are missing with so much „pleasing“ techno out there.

"Wet“ by Epi Centrum

Epi Centrum’s EP kicks off with the hypnotic track "Wet" a track that is driven by a modular synth sequence and noise percussion, all programmed very rhythmical and funky. The mood of the track is rather dark and the intensity and urgency comes in waves. There is also a sensuality a deeper edge to the track which shows like an iceberg coming up to the surface.

"Crepuscular" by Epi Centrum

"Crepuscular" is made with heavy use of distorted feedbacks and time-stretched bases and paints a picture of an arabesque mood all dim and shadowy. There is an underlying urgency in that track an element we find in contemporary techno but also in Detroit techno where it is substantial.

"Transfer Of Power“ by Epi Centrum

"Transfer Of Power“ is a more edgy track, uncompromising and razor sharp. The distorted & feedback sounds give it a strong noise level so that track is for the tough.

"WUWYP“ by Epi Centrum

The last track "WUWYP" is based on an evolving vocal part that Jurek has recorded himself. It’s manually filtered all the time and hides the vocal till the end in the best fashion of a minimalist and repetitive. A Robert Hood like track.

Release date:                                                              15. November 2019