XAB - White Pearl - Trapez 220

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XAB is back!

We welcome back XAB with whom we released two EPs already in the last two years which received very good feedback!

"White Pearl“ by XAB

His new EP kicks off with the title track "White Pearl" and what a great track he’s come up with! Marching drums, swinging hi-hats and great FX sounds make it a prime time techno rocker of the first degree. This track reminds us a bit of the cool industrial sound that an artist like Harvey McKay also worships with his releases.

"Xs" by XAB

"Xs" is a force on the dance floor with its loop snippets on top or organic mayhem.

"If" by XAB

"If" is a raw diamond of a techno track, unpolished with cool vocals and nice pads chucked in. This is dark Detroit techno at its best. Remember the old prince of techno Blake Baxter, here you go. Mesmerizing Stuff! Play it!

Release date:                                                                  24. January 2020