The Rares - Visitors - Trapez 221

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The second EP by The Rares on TRAPEZ!

The duo The Rares from Napoli return with their second EP on Trapez. The Rares are unquestionable a force when it comes to tight analog sound with a machine character.

"Visitors“ by The Rares

"Visitors" has that slightly destroyed sound that could be coming from an old video game like PackMan and this vintage touch makes it special.

"Black Hole" by The Rares

Their track "Black Hole" is a repetitive piece of techno with a lot of sequential strength and great moments that can be described as peak moments in which all systems are on „GO!“. These passages are pure energy and can free your soul with their simplicity and mightiness. Eight minutes of a brutal voyage & madness you don't want to miss.

"Impulse" by The Rares

"Impulse" starts archaic with a babbling sequencer kick drum and with a hi-hat on each kick to remind us of the classic and cool Chicago music we grew up with. Add some 303 acid and you are about there where it all happens. You don't really expect the breakdown at halftime and comes as a surprise.

Release date:                                                                14. February 2020