Click Box - Resonant Space - Trapez 223

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Click Box returns to TRAPEZ!

If you like raw and unpolished minimal techno with an analogue feel, repetitive with essential changes that make it all worthwhile, then you should listen to these tracks by Brazilian techno pioneer Click Box.

"Hay Corrida“ by Click Box

The opening track "Hay Corrida" brings together true Detroit techno spirit aka Kevin Saunderson and filtered repetitive chords in a Chicago style, intensified step by step in the course of the track. This is a classic builder which gives you a real workout on the dance floor and puts the sweat where it belongs. This is ecstatic moments at their best. Don`t mourn the good old techno times but get into this tune.

"Resonant Space“ by Click Box

When "Resonant Space" kicks in you know Click Box is likely to have recorded together with Marc Houle in the past. This is music which develops itself. This is machine music hypnotic and repetitive only for those who have lost themselves before in the see of songs that will not stand still. Music with character that can easily absorb you if you come to close.

"Where Am I" by Click Box

"Where Am I" is a good question and we are not sure many of us can really answer that one, so better let the machines talk. The result is a study of funkiness by drum machine and vintage strip sounds all done in a way of a live jam we suppose. This keeps it real and raw, yes there we are again... a tastemaker at work with his machines.

Release date:                                                                       10. April 2020