FAC3OFF - Dark World EP - Trapez 224

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FAC3OFFs next chapter on TRAPEZ!

We welcome back FAC3OFF with a brand new EP.
After having released 5 EPs, starting in 2016, with him it is time for another extraordinary intense release of dark prog techno. We happily saw him being picked up by Break New Soil and by Carl Cox in 2019 with whom he released the "On The Run" EP... because he deserves it. FAC3OFF gets support from Carl Cox, Umek, Spartaque, Gregor Tresher, Karotte, Tocadisco, Pleasurekraft and more.

"Dark World“ by FAC3OFF

His new Trapez EP contains 4 great tracks. The opening track "Dark World" has all the industrial darkness and soulfulness you expect from him. This is true techno which can shake the foundation of a building and by that makes your whole body tremble in delight. This track progresses quite a bit and takes us on a higher level. This track unfolds in a nice way through which you can see that the skill of FAC3OFF to compose music has been progressing in a strong way!

"Hard Flight“ by FAC3OFF

"Hard Flight" has a great rave quality with a break down that will united the dancers on the dance floor in a big way.

"Codex Binarius" by FAC3OFF

"Codex Binariu" knocks on your front door to deliver a cool diet of acid sandwiched between monumental beats!

"Dissection" by FAC3OFF

"Dissection" has a great intro building up an enormous tension. We can't wait to hear this track on the dance floor. This can really get far in our opinion.

Release date:                                                                       15. May 2020