Reducs - The Trace EP - Trapez 225

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The second EP by Reducs on TRAPEZ

Ever since the Dutch techno wave in the early 90ies took place we have been fans of the approach of keeping techno direct and simplistic.

With the second EP by Dutch artist Reducs we have managed to keep that feeling and have updated it for Trapez.

"The Trace“ by Reducs

The EP kicks off with "The Trace" a haunting track with chords that are brittle and drums that shake the foundation. The blend of opposites is the key to that music and makes it so sensual.

"Acid Waggle“ by Reducs

"Acid Waggle" is in fact a piece of acid music but uses filters on a sequence to slowly turn the things upside down... very slow. This slow paced feeling within stomping beats, this antagonism works great and makes techno special.

"Mayhem" by Reducs

"Mayhem" is a great synthesis of post Chicago music and deeper soulful aspects of techno. Imagine moving slow-motion to a direct force.

Release date:                                                                     12. June 2020