Malek Ales - Timeless EP - Trapez 226

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We welcome Malek Ales on TRAPEZ

The Slovenian based Techno artist releases solo and as part the artist duo Overheads and is a person to watch out for in the future. Malek Ales music is already supported heavily by Richie Hawtin and he has managed to involve remixers of Minus and Sci-Tec artists for his releases. He has also released a remix on the internationally known label ON/OFF. For Trapez he has recorded a full length 3 track mini EP including the tracks: "Timeless", "Elastic Dream" and "Collapse"...

"Timeless“ by Malek Ales

The EP kicks off with "Timeless" a powerful production with multiple elements playing rhythmic themes creating a nervous and exciting complexity that works on many levels. You might want to dive into the fantastic breakdown that provides an extra musical theme and skillfully builds up the tension for the track.

"Elastic Dream“ by Malek Ales

"Elastic Dream" is more heavy duty than the opening. A heavy bass-line creates a steady forward motion which is very attractive as well as the altogether motion of the track which brings you more funky rhythm programming.

"Collapse" by Malek Ales

The thirds track "Collapse" is more melodic but also carries the frantic drum rolls, the massive baseline and breaks with a strong build up, a trademark of Malek Ales.

Release date:                                                                        17. July 2020