Per Condelius - Red & White EP - Trapez 227

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A new face with TRAPEZ!

The Swedish artist Per Condelius releases his first EP here and with it damasks some platitudes to provides us with authentic fresh sounding techno.
His style can be termed as simplistic and modern, does he put the spotlight on „one sequence“ which he works around skillfully instead of using filler layerings. This is music which does not fulfill any demand or expectation but is pure energy. Bored by the „Svensson way of life“ which dominated his life he took the pressure of himself to cherish the intuitively of producing techno. For him making music is the counter culture to everyday life and more than everything it is „pure freedom“. Per Condelius explaines in his own words what triggered the release:
„"Red & White" are the colors of a famous cartoon-rocket that flew to the moon before any real human ever did. To me fantasy has always meant a lot. Sometimes even more than the real world has. I wanted to celebrate the very important concept of fantasy through the abstraction "Red & White"“.

"Red & White“ by Per Condelius

The EP kicks off with the title track "Red & White" which clings to the classic approach of craving notions of decay, coldness and empty spaces but offers the balance of what’s dark and disturbing to appreciate beauty and the light. The track is centered around a ghostly & claustrophobic sequence that gives the track that personal and introvert character. Studies indicate that 5-10 % of the world population is affected by severe claustrophobia being confined to small spaces.

"Tidy“ by Per Condelius

"Tidy" goes beyond the previous theme, with a less classic theme that sounds like a 90’s video game counteracted by repetitious sequences and rattling percussion. We love the super dry passages in this track which are old school but give so much direct energy and joy that you ask yourself who’s idea it was to add reverb to melodies!

"Bukarest II" by Per Condelius

We knew Bukarest was a god place for techno music and "Bukarest II" proves to be unorthodox and exciting. Surprises are waiting for you around the corner and they last only a short time! The memory effect however is perfect and shows Per Condelius has studied the human psyche in detail.

"Crow" by Per Condelius

"Crow" is the forth track in the tracklist and jams away before the kick drum has seen the light of the day. WOW. This is as classy as all tracks on this EP. Nervous energy at its best with no rest and puns of melodies.

"Drum Box" by Per Condelius

"Drum Box“ is a killer track with a percussive drum roll that admits synthetic sounds. The minimalist approach is top!

Release date:                                                                   14. August 2020