Martyn Playfrd - Ore Processing - Trapez 229

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First TRAPEZ release by Martyn Plyfrd!

The Russian producer Martyn Playfrd has recorded a 3 track EP for Trapez. He keeps himself very much under the radar, so you won’t find a lot about him in the net. With his release we are opening up a window to let some music of his out to reach you.

"Central Enrich Plant“ by Martyn Playfrd

"Central Enrich Plant" stands for Martyn Playfrd’s minimalist approach of taking few sources of sound and beats and to look for an interaction that creates a new territory. The monotone side of the machines is part of his music and creates that morose and raw edge we like with techno. Machine music minimalist

"Phosphates“ by Martyn Playfrd

"Phosphates" is a heavy pounding, rattling piece of techno that has that grinding quality we only know from hardware techno and we might be right guessing that this could apply to this monster here as well. Play it out loud, it only gets better with the volume.

"Nuclear Submarine" by Martyn Playfrd

"Nuclear Submarine" is a sonic altimeter sound, a roaring sythn and a trace of melody, all describing the minimalist setting. As bare as possible reduced to the essentials this track steers though silent and quiet waters.

Release date:                                                                  16. October 2020